Friday, January 16, 2009

OW! My Toofs!

yesterday i went to the dentist :(

i had two root canals on my canine toofs because they're all worn down. I'm only 2 so let that be a lesson to all you ball-lovin freaks out there... don't use regular tennis balls when you're a puppy!

and i also had a regular toof cleanin too! i eat raw food so my toofs are pretty clean, but since they were in there, they figured they'd floss and brush and make me all pearly white!


  1. Hey Brudder Dune!
    Sorry to hear you had to go to the vet and get the dreamless sleep and have them attack your teeth like that! Hope you feel better soon! Do you have any pathetic pics to share with my mom so she feels sorry for ya??

  2. Oh no Bro Dune! Always wondered why you talked so funny - just kiddin' -
    Love and licks,