Saturday, January 31, 2009


FBSam, or should I call him FFBSam (Former Foster Brudder Sam) got a dop tid today. I still don't know what a dop tid is, but most of my foster brudders and sisters end up with them. maybe they're some kind of special fizbee?

Today I went to grandma's house! the whole car was packed up with all the pups and we drove for a little while to maine. i played some ball in the driveway with dad, because the snow was very tall and crusty and i couldn't walk on it without falling through. so i did zooming slides on the icy driveway, which was fun. then another car i never saw before came and a couple went into the house to meet FFBSam. They came out a little while later with Sam and he jumped into a brand new soft crate like mine in their car and they drove off! Daddy said he is going to live on 25 acres in maine. Sounds great to me, especially if he's got one of those 'dop tid' fizbees up there!

Here's FFBSam with his new family!

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