Monday, January 19, 2009

More snow & fizbee failz!

i must be out of practice with fizbee. because i was told i had to "take it easy" and "let my toofs heal", i didn't get to play fizbee for a few days.

so when i got to go out today in the new snow (a whole new foot of very light and fluffys!), it wasn't exactly pretty.

That's Foster Brudder Sam laffin at me!

then when i tried to jump for it, i went right out the top of the frame!

hey that's my bum! how'd that get in here??

I'm normally much more graceful than this, you know...

(hiding my face from embarrassment)

finally i getz it!

Foster Brudder Speck looking on from across the yard.

You should adopt Speck!

Real Brudder Sam looking like a showdog beegle (except he's a mutt)

"pleez don't be mad at me... i can haz dis fizbee?" -FBSam

"see how cute i is?" (up for adoption soon!)

Dis Pip. he got scared at some falling snow today and was actually barking hahaha! Pip never barks, except when he's really freaked out, or sometimes in his crate when there are new dogs around.


  1. Wow Wow WOW WOW!!!! Litterbrother DUNE!!! My mom got me that SAME BLUE FIZ from Aunt Barb today!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED because my purple one has been visiting my Aunt Chris since before the turkey day!

  2. The blue squishy Fizbee is the best thing in teh world!