Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, Same Fizbee!

today i woked up and realized it was supposed to be a work day, but daddy was still home! o yah, it's new yearz! looooong weekend!

so me, speck and new foster brudder Sam conspired to wake him up as early as possible to go outside and work in the snow. there are no pictures of this conspiracy because daddy thinks it's highly embarrassing to be subjected to 3 psycho border collies jumping all over you that early in the morning (i liek to sit on his head and then growl and show my toofs when the other dogs come near, personally).

lest you be confused with real brudder Sam the beagle (below) ...

.o0("omg so cold. my pozz si freezed!")

foster brudder Sam (aka FBSam) is one heck of a fizbee dog!

FBSam now uses the new yellow fizbee auntie Barb sent to us:

and i get to keep using my alltime favorite blue one! i likes it specially cuz it's got lots of my toofs marks on it and dirt too. and daddy knows how to throw it perfectly.


I even smilez at it in the air, i lieks it so much!

FBSam is more of a jumper:


and i'm more of a speedster!

.o0("HERE I COME")


though, i can do jumpz when i want, i try not to jumpz too much cuz daddy says i got bad rists and if i jumpz a lot i get gimpy. but i like to jumpz in the snow because it's soft for landin!

i usually leave my back legs down so they can land first and it's not so bad on my front rissts.

we even had an audience! that's my big brudder PIP and foster brudder Speck hanging out and watching the show. i like to perform, especially for other people....


This summer the whole family went up to grammy gail's house in kennebunk maine. i luvs me some water (drinkin and swimmin and sometimez to pee in!) and we all went to the ocean! it was my first time at the ocean and daddy had me off leash at the beach (with my ruffwear float coat on!) to fetch balls thrown into the waves! i was such a good boy and wasn't even scared of teh big wavez even when they came a crashin all round me! then i noticed a small crowd started to form to watch me work!

so i did lots of big runs around daddy (he says "go around" and i run a big circle around him) and went CRASH SPLASH into the water as people watched. and i even showed off by crouching near daddy and rolling the ball to him on the hard sand. daddy calls me a ham, which is weird becuz he calls me a goose too.


time for a nap, then back out for more fizbee times! happy new year everybody!!!

luv, dune & the crew

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