Saturday, April 4, 2009

Auntie Meg is back!

This is my auntie Meg. She used to live with me as a foster auntie, but then she got a doptid, like most of my foster sisters and brudders do. I thought maybe she'd be different because she's a foster auntie, but nope. Anywayz, she came back about 4 months after she got her doptid. Daddy says it's because she wants to be the queen, and she got mad at another queen-ish dog in her former home.

Meg sez "i'n border collie. all must obey."

"do my bidding!"

I sez all Meg wants is to fetch. Runs in the family, I guess...but i'm just glad she doesn't want to play with my bloo Fizbee!

"no... dis ball does just fine."

When Auntie Meg was here before, she had just whelped a litter of puppinz, and her coat was kind of ratty and thin. She was starting to look better when she got her doptid, but still it was thin. But now, it's very thick and she looks great! here's a before shot:

And now...

I'm glad Auntie Meg is back home, because it means I don't have to teach all the foster dogs manners myself. She is much better at that than me. Must be those eyes:

"don't mess with me."