Saturday, January 24, 2009

contortionist and dogz in the way!!

Today I was outside with everybody (and a new special guest!) and daddy wanted to get some pictures of Speck a-runnin and a-catchin the ball. But what he got was a whole lot of Speck a-twistin for the ball. He's not nearly as practiced at this stuff as me.

Here's how he made out...

The ball always ends up in his mouth, but he sure makes it look ugly sometimes.

notice how he's almost always off-frame? it's because he runs too darn fast at balls that aren't kicked/thrown very fast...

you'll notice a theme of 'in-the-way' dogs today. i guess we needz a bigger yard!!

See dummy? if you didn't run so fast, you wouldn't have to twist back around for the ball!

Look OUT Sam!

gotta give it to Speck though... he can turn on a dime... (agility dog!)

and he sure can zoom!

Outta my way FBSAM!

oh.. i think he's got one lined up!

aha! (finally!)

This is Auntie Abby. Abby is daddy's mommy's dog, and is staying with us for a week. She's a yellow lab / golden retriever mix. Daddy said he got her way back in 1997 as a puppy.

She's almost 12 but she can still romp!

And certainly can get in the way! Thankz for ruinin' a great shot of me jumpin!

Darnit Sam!

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  1. Hey brudder Dune! I hear ya on the gettin' in the way dogs! Sometimes I have ta run UNDER the durn dogs around here!