Wednesday, January 14, 2009

back home... with pix!

phew, that was a hectic few days. first, daddy telled me that we were going to the farm. he telled me this on thursday nite. i said to him "we can goez now?", and he said "no, we're going tomorrow"... so i opened my eyez really big, and says "WE CAN GOEZ TO THE FARM NOW??!" and he laughed at me and said "No, Goose, we're going tomorrow!".. so I grabbed a ball, and dropped in onto his lap and sayz "here's a ball, we can goez now?"... but it didn't work! so i had to wait a whole day to go! it was vary unfair!!

then on friday daddy got to the farm very late because he had to work and then drive all the way there from the eastest place in massachoochoos. the farm is all the way westest in massachoochoos til you cross into new york, then it's in the mountains there. all i know is when the long part of the highway is over, there's about 20 more minutes, then i can smells all the cowses and sheepses, so i wakez up reddy to GO!

usually when we go to the farm, it's not winter time, so we camp out. uncle craig and auntie kathy let us stay in their camper, which is always fun. one time this summer, real brudder samwise fell out of the camper at night and went snuffin around other campers and tents scaring people!! then he came back whining at the camper door like "i felled out and didn't find any food anywhere within 300 meters of dis place, i can comez inside again?"

but this time it was winter so we stayed upstairs in the guest room. i like it up there because it's away from all of uncle and auntie's dogs. they haz 10 of their own (including my sister flirt and uncle bodie!) and 2 NEBCR fosters... it was hectic, so when i was done outside playing with everybody, i liked to go run upstairs and into my crate. the best part of the farm is that i usually get to go swimming in the pond and run like crazy (dad can really throw far with the chuckit!). this time it was mostly romping in the new 6" of snow and trying to make daddy throw me the ball while he was trying to keep all the other dogs occupied. but tennis balls don't do too well in the snow... and as it was, we had already lost Foster Brudder Sam's yellow fizbee and the backup purple fizbee, so daddy thankfully put away my #1 most favoritest bloo fizbee so we wouldn't lose that too!

now onto the pictures from this weekend...

OH WAIT! i forgotted to mention that we have a new, temporary foster dog in the house! his name is Tucker and he's only a puppy. he's 7 months old, and already weighs 50 pounds! he's very furry and has lots of funny spots and colors. he is going to go live with dublin and limerick because their foster brudder Finnegan is being adopted this weekend! So he's just here for a few days...

here's temporary foster brudder Tuck:

Ok pictures, here goes:

Uncle Bodie + tongue

Tristan + tongue (montaaage)

herro, my name is twistan an i liekz jollyballz. doy.

Real Brudder Sam + tongue

Foster Brudder Sam + tongue

=== Fenn Archaeological Dig Interlude ===

i seem to have found an ancient tennis ball relic from the Penn era.

(that thing never came out! then it got snowed on and won't be seen again til spring!)

wtf pip

This is pistol pete. Haz you seen pistol pete? cuz he's awesome.

RBSam thinks he has the chair to himself, but he didn't realize that the two-clawed sloth, pistol pete (National DOCNA Agility Champ, btw) was ready to pounce...

ok, not much of a pounce... they slept together on this chair for a while.

Uncle Bodie doing his best at pissing Keegan right the hell off. For any of you out there in intarnetz land who might look at this and say "OMG AGGRESSIVE", you should come to the farm sometime and learn about doggie body language. These guys (and Tristan) antagonize eachother all the time, and it sounds like WWIII, but there's never any contact and it's all posturing and trash talk. Scares the newbies to be sure though :) --- me? i don't even hesitate to steal a toy right out from in front of Tristan or Keegan anymore!

Disney. Personally responsible for the unknown whereabouts of two of MY FIZBEES! hopefully they'll surface in the spring.

this (for a whole 4 seconds) ...

leads to this (for like 32 hours)...


This (for about 5 hours straight)....




leads to this (for like 22 minutes.)

Tela (NEBCR foster dog)

Speck (NEBCR foster dog)

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  1. Let's just hope the missing FIZZES didnt end up in the blonde dongs TUMMY!!