Saturday, January 10, 2009

farm time!!

yes!! my most favoritest place in the world!

i'm at my sister Flirt's house (aka The Farm. aka Sugar Bush. aka Doggie Heaven. aka NEBCR HQ) for a loooong weekend. there's so much to do here that i can't do at home. like....


and... uh... MORE FIZBEE!!

ok so it's pretty much what i do every day but here i get to see all my bestest friends.

but mostly I like the farm so much because i get to runrunrunrunrun in this HUUUGE fenced in field tilz i cant run nennymore. then 30 minutes later i does it all over again! Usually there are sheepses here but they're all up in the barn for the winter, so no herding for me. Oh well, i'm fine just playing ball and fizbee.

there are a few other NEBCR foster dogs here this weekend too...

My favorite is definitely Lizzie. She's very nice and used to live with us til she decided she wanted to constantly herd our cats. So now she lives with Caitlin and Didge.

OMG sidewayz!

Also there's Keebler. Keebler got her jolly ball stuck in the tree (dad says he had NOTHING to do with it! and I believes him!!)... Keebler is very sweet but doesn't like when other dogs try to take her toys away. I don't blame her.

I think I overheard Caitlin say there were 19 dogs here this weekend. Wow! here's a bunch of them:

daddy says the "intarnets" here are slow so he can't put lots of pictures online. so i'll write lots when i get home in a couple dayz!!

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  1. Brother Dune, you are SOOO lucky! I really wanted to go and see you and runrunrunrunrun too but my mom said we couldn't this time. :( UNFAIR!