Tuesday, December 30, 2008


daddy is at work and sented me this pictar of Jasper. Jasper is auntie Elyse's new puppy. he's only 9 weeks old, but daddy sends the good news that he is interested in tennis balls. So there's hope for him yet.

Monday, December 29, 2008

more Samz??

ok, so my whole life, i've knowed a sam.

.o0("who awakens me from teh slumbar?")

samwise, the beagledog is my big brudder. i liek to pick on him a lot with my teefs...

here i'm not happy about sumtin! (prolly speck, but these are the same teefs i use to keep samwise the beagle in check too!)

but yesterday i went and met another sam, and he came home with us.

.o0("oh hai, i'm sam too!")

this sam at least is a border collie like me. he's an nebcr foster dog and will be here til he gets a doptid. whatever that is. we always have foster dogs here and then they go away to nice homes in different places. sometimes i get to see them again at the farm. i like seeing my foster brudders and sisters at the farm. maybe someday i'll zoom down memory lane and talk about all my foster brudders and sisters i ever had. but not today.

daddy told me he's got 1/2 of this week off and that means lots of fizbee. and sheep herding! auntie Barb sented me a shiney new yellow fizbee, but i don't like it because it's too clean. i prefer dirt on my fizbee.

anyway, sam (new sam, ok i hope he gets a new name, because this is confyoooozing) will probably make appearances from time to time so i wanted to introduce him.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday visitors part 2

Today, auntie Amy came by to visit with my littermate/brudder Arthur Good Dog and my 3 cuzzin dogs and we played fizbee in the backyard for a little while. Amy and Arthur GD left but totally forgotted to take my 3 other cuzzin dogs!

So now we has 3 cuzzin dogs staying. Daddy says it's gonna be for a weekaso. I don't know what a weekaso is. I wonder if a weekaso can throw a fizbee!

Ok here's my cuzzins:


Saga is deaf and partially blind.

Look at them crazy eyez! even though he can't really see or hear, he still manages to chase us all around the backyard, yapping away the whole time. He's a sillymin.

I get along with deaf dogz because my brudder PIP is a deaf dog.
dis Pip!

look at them crazy eyes!

Then there's Caper. Caper is from Portugal. Or, at least her parents were, maybe? Daddy says she's a water dog from portugal. I like water too! Daddy also says that Caper is hard to take piktars of because she's all black and silly. Lots of people at the farm say she's a Poodle.

.o0("who you callin a poodle, punk?")

And lastly, here's Lacy. She's an older (with blue hair, even!) border collie who my older brudder Samwise gets all gaga over. Lacy is very little and very sweet. She can come visit whenever she wants.

Holiday visitors part 1

This is Lizzie. Well, actually it's Lizzie's bum. Lizzie is an NEBCR foster dog who is being fostered by auntie Caitlin. Caitlin, her dog Didge and Lizzie came by for a little while today. Lizzie used to be my foster sister, but I was always having to split her off from herding the kiddens that live here. She likes to herd and eat kiddens.

.o0("must... get... kitteh!")

.o0("i can sees you kitteh!")

.o0("what evs.")

Thursday, December 25, 2008

xmas pezzints!

omg pezzints under the tree!

(daddy says it's ridiculous that ALL the stuff under the tree is for dogs.)

i don't think any of these pezzints haz balls or fizbees in them, but i'z open them anyway...

is der ballz in here!?

fizbee? is dat you?

what do we haz here?

i might wanna chomp on that

yup. i like dis.

yellow santadog! red gooseydog!

even foster brudder Speck gets pezzints

.o0("i so hart this toy")

Samwise, the dog that never plays, even likes opening pezzints!

.o0("this better be edible.")


to Pippin, everything is destructible. witness:

.o0("hello, pezzint.")

.o0("i should like to destruct you.")

gnawgnawgnaw (for like 3 - 7 seconds)


.o0("i swear i'm innocent! oh, disregard that blatant evidence at my feets.")

--- STOCKINZ ---

deaf dog = good noze = jackpot

beagle nose = finz treets anywhere

course i know what to do. i'n smart border collie!

.o0( "foster home rulez. all i got in my last home was a basement.")


tandem taunt. "hey banana, check out our new toyz, you can't has...uh oh!"



Smudge murder spree


Merry Xmas to all my puppy, kidden and human friends.

luv Dune

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

more Puppeez

this is my friend Mollie. she isn't a border collie, but all her friends are, and she hangs out with us at the farm a lot. Mollie's mom works for the border collie rescue and they just adopted Murphy from NEBCR so now Molly can say "i haz bordar colie brudder!".

whenever i see Mollie, i get the feeling she doesn't like me much. she avoids me and acts like i'm crazy for liking sheeps and fizbees so much. i think she must have the hots for me!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

More puppy pics!

My buddy Dublin sent me pictures of his little brother Limerick from when he was a little pup. My daddy says Limerick was an incredibly cute puppy (but not as cute as me, right??), but i'll let you judge for yourselves:

Ok, I admit he was cute, but he was also a little pest!

Limerick is what we other border collies call "special", but i don't hold it against him. i've had to 'talk' with him a couple times, and i think that made him respect me, even though he's twice my size! we get along now, as long as he's got something in his mouth when we play.

This is my granddad Copper and my brother Tek.

I don't get to see Tek very often, except sometimes at the farm when we have birthday parties.

hey Tek, what happened to your left ear? it's gon'd flat! hahaha

Copper is a very cool 'ol dog. i wonder if he's where i get my red parts from! he was also an NEBCR rescue and still stays in touch with dublin and limerick's mom, and i see him sometimes! he's very handsome, like me.

red babies.

my good buddy Dash's mom sent me a picture of Dash when he was a little baby:

and here's another one of me as a youngster:

Notice our blazes are both shaped like devil horns. i wonder what that means, because we're both angels!

I like Dash because he's red like me, is fast like me, loves to swim like me and has a 4 letter name that starts with D. In fact, I've always looked up to Dash.

Here's Dash all growed up in the snow:

If you've got any pictures of yourselves when you were teeny, send them along in your comments or to nebcr.dan@gmail - my daddy will give them to me to post.