Sunday, July 12, 2009

Herdin Trial

a couple weeks ago daddy and I packed up his new truck (no more orange washing machine on wheelz!) and went out to upstate new york to work at a NEBCA herding trial for NEBCR. confused already? me too!

NEBCA is the NorthEast Border Collie Association. they put on sheep herding trials and stuff. Daddy's a member but this was his first time at a trial.

I thought we were going to The Farm, but we drove right by the exit! I wasn't very happy with that, but I ended up going back to sleep... and when I woke up, we were pulling into a really pretty farm with a big 20 acre sheep pasture. there were lots of campers and border collies running around EVERYWHERE! I think Pip was the only non-border collie in the whole place, poor guy.

We borrowed Auntie Nicole & Uncle Eric's camper, which was great since i didn't like sleeping in the car last time we camped out. Dad set it up while Pip and I were leashed to the bumper of the truck like real workin dogs.

Dad was cookin food for NEBCR fundraising all weekend, and he was there with Kerry (dublin and limerick's owner) and Roxanne, who owns Tillie and Other Red Dog Bodie who is one of the only dogs I know that can keep up with me when we're running around at The Farm. But we didn't get to do a lot of running around, because the herding dogs were working sheep and we didn't want to distract them.

I got to meet lots and lots of nice people, and daddy said that they raised lots of money for NEBCR, which is great.

I even got to see Carol, my herding instructor! I was hoping that meant I got to work sheep too, but she had lots of other dogs to work instead. Daddy says I'm not quite ready for trialing (um, not even close buddy! -d), but i definitely could have taught some sheepz a lesson or two!

So here's some pictures of the trial!

in the next installment, i'll tell some stories of my week at Nicole & Eric's house, while daddy was up in Nova Scotia looking for a sheep farm for me :)