Thursday, December 25, 2008

xmas pezzints!

omg pezzints under the tree!

(daddy says it's ridiculous that ALL the stuff under the tree is for dogs.)

i don't think any of these pezzints haz balls or fizbees in them, but i'z open them anyway...

is der ballz in here!?

fizbee? is dat you?

what do we haz here?

i might wanna chomp on that

yup. i like dis.

yellow santadog! red gooseydog!

even foster brudder Speck gets pezzints

.o0("i so hart this toy")

Samwise, the dog that never plays, even likes opening pezzints!

.o0("this better be edible.")


to Pippin, everything is destructible. witness:

.o0("hello, pezzint.")

.o0("i should like to destruct you.")

gnawgnawgnaw (for like 3 - 7 seconds)


.o0("i swear i'm innocent! oh, disregard that blatant evidence at my feets.")

--- STOCKINZ ---

deaf dog = good noze = jackpot

beagle nose = finz treets anywhere

course i know what to do. i'n smart border collie!

.o0( "foster home rulez. all i got in my last home was a basement.")


tandem taunt. "hey banana, check out our new toyz, you can't has...uh oh!"



Smudge murder spree


Merry Xmas to all my puppy, kidden and human friends.

luv Dune

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  1. Thatzet! We are mooving to your houz Dune! More toyz in your houz than our houz. And we could chase thoze catz there too! See yu soon, Mollie and Murphy