Wednesday, December 17, 2008

an very speshul winter storee by dune

today i woked up and there was snow outside! I liek snow cuz it is made from water, and i reeelly like water! then i found out daddy was stayin hoem from work which means that i can hang out with him all day long. daddy took me outside to playy frizbee in the morning and the snow was very soft and fresssh. even though he's anoying i played with speck:

then he took me on a ride to town to go to the store for some grown up smelly drink calld koffeee. i liek riding in the car with dad!

then daddy had to work at his dessk all day, but we got to go outside a few times to go peee (ps eating lots o snow makes lotss of pees). here's a pictar of me peeing when i was young once!:

but then it was getting dark outside and we went to go play but i had to lie down wehn daddy saw that one of my paws was hurting form runnning too hard and sliding when the snow got all cruzty! This si me in "lie down" :

Butt then daddy remememberrd that i haz some b00teez!!! he carreid me inside and i layd down liek a good boy so he can puts my sockz on and then my bootiez too. i knew we were goin bak outsides becuz spek and my burther PIP was still out there! but i sat liek a good boy bye the door with my bootz on and waz like "dad I can go outsidez agin?? i gotz me booteez on so my footses wont hurt!"

he totally caved and i went out for a big play seshun wif SPekc and PIP! and then big bruther sammy and our new friend Laddie came out too. Even tho the snow was hard and icy and crustee, i got to run and play friszebbee!

daddy says he likes theez RUFFWAER bootz cuz they never come flying off when i go RUNRUNRUNSLIDDDDEEE

And that they have glowz brites on tehm!

Then i came inside and was tired for a minnute. daddy took off my wet sox and sh00z and his wet glubs and putted them on the warm black box in teh othar room for to dry.

well i hoep you injoyed my storee today. itz almotst dinner time and then i bet i can go bak outsidez1!!

-dune g. age 2

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