Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday visitors part 2

Today, auntie Amy came by to visit with my littermate/brudder Arthur Good Dog and my 3 cuzzin dogs and we played fizbee in the backyard for a little while. Amy and Arthur GD left but totally forgotted to take my 3 other cuzzin dogs!

So now we has 3 cuzzin dogs staying. Daddy says it's gonna be for a weekaso. I don't know what a weekaso is. I wonder if a weekaso can throw a fizbee!

Ok here's my cuzzins:


Saga is deaf and partially blind.

Look at them crazy eyez! even though he can't really see or hear, he still manages to chase us all around the backyard, yapping away the whole time. He's a sillymin.

I get along with deaf dogz because my brudder PIP is a deaf dog.
dis Pip!

look at them crazy eyes!

Then there's Caper. Caper is from Portugal. Or, at least her parents were, maybe? Daddy says she's a water dog from portugal. I like water too! Daddy also says that Caper is hard to take piktars of because she's all black and silly. Lots of people at the farm say she's a Poodle.

.o0("who you callin a poodle, punk?")

And lastly, here's Lacy. She's an older (with blue hair, even!) border collie who my older brudder Samwise gets all gaga over. Lacy is very little and very sweet. She can come visit whenever she wants.


  1. Hey brudder Dune,
    Glad you are keepin' my sibs company. My mom says she's gonna leave me for a weekaso as well, but I am stayin' with my Grandpaw and my big brudder Dust. I am NOT happy about that and I don't really believe her.

    You can keep those dogs though, they are nothin' but trouble and every night I have ta bite the fluffy white dog's face all around the edges so he knows I'm tough.

    Air Arthur Good DOg
    ps - you forgot to say how I kept stealin' your Friz! HahaWOL

  2. pps - mom says Lacy's not old, but she is twice as old as us so I don't know what mom's talking about. TWICE as old as us!! That's *4*!Caper is 3 and that fluffy white dog will be 10 in february.
    Arthur Good Dog the FIZ stealer!