Thursday, December 18, 2008

Storm's a brewin!

My first foster mommy called me Winter Storm. I was borned in the late fall (November 2006) but all my siblings were named after winter stuff too. Now my name is Dune but i always like when there are storms comin because i hear my old name a lot!

This is me when i was very little:

Tomorrow we're supposed to get a bunch of snow (whee!), so i'm hanging out and resting up:

I like the bed. And I only usually let my family members on there. Sammy and Pippin can come up most of the time, but i do NOT like foster brother Speck on the bed, so i gives him the mad teef and he goes runnin away!

This is Speck:

Speck is a border collie like me, but he's still a pup. I think he's like half my age, or something. Speck is my foster brother which means he's available through new england border collie rescue. ( He's nearly as fast as me (i'm wicked fast) and all the girls we meet say he's very handsome. I think he's ok, but i don't like when he bugs me outside while i'm doing my important frizbee work. So he's learning how to play fetch like a real border collie. But he brings it back too close to the person throwing it. what fun is that? i like to make daddy work by dropping the frizbeee like 14 feet away from him!

i'll be busy playing in the snow tomorrow ( i think daddy's staying home again!) but i'll try to write!


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