Saturday, December 20, 2008

As it turns out... a foot is kinda deep!

i guess the snowz didn't stop coming down all night. i woke daddy up early to go outside. he didn't seem too happy about it. he has to put on pants and a sweatshirt and a jacket gloves hat and big bootses, and i can go outside naked, so i was waiting by the door nicely for a little while, with stupid Speck bouncing next to me like a superball. in fact, Speck is very much like a superball. he's small, definitely made of rubber and bounces around willy nilly creating havoc wherever he goes!

"who, meeee???"

just look at all that havoc!

my big brother Samwise said "i no like dis snow"

big brother Pippin says "mmm icey stix! CHOMP!"

and i says, please get this Speck off my a$$ and throw the fizbee already!!

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