Monday, December 29, 2008

more Samz??

ok, so my whole life, i've knowed a sam.

.o0("who awakens me from teh slumbar?")

samwise, the beagledog is my big brudder. i liek to pick on him a lot with my teefs...

here i'm not happy about sumtin! (prolly speck, but these are the same teefs i use to keep samwise the beagle in check too!)

but yesterday i went and met another sam, and he came home with us.

.o0("oh hai, i'm sam too!")

this sam at least is a border collie like me. he's an nebcr foster dog and will be here til he gets a doptid. whatever that is. we always have foster dogs here and then they go away to nice homes in different places. sometimes i get to see them again at the farm. i like seeing my foster brudders and sisters at the farm. maybe someday i'll zoom down memory lane and talk about all my foster brudders and sisters i ever had. but not today.

daddy told me he's got 1/2 of this week off and that means lots of fizbee. and sheep herding! auntie Barb sented me a shiney new yellow fizbee, but i don't like it because it's too clean. i prefer dirt on my fizbee.

anyway, sam (new sam, ok i hope he gets a new name, because this is confyoooozing) will probably make appearances from time to time so i wanted to introduce him.

1 comment:

  1. Ha! I wunder if yor rents are tryin' to confyooze u and secretely exchange yor beegle brudder for a border kolee brudder, Dune! I think humans kohl it a KONSPIRASY! Beegle alert! luv, Mollie-paws, CGC, TDI, MISCHIEF