Saturday, February 7, 2009

Back to the farm & finding a long lost friend!

OMG surprise trip to the farm today! at least i didn't know until this morning, when daddy laid it on me! I was vary excited and ran right to the leash rack by the front door and stared at it as hard as i could until daddy came and put a leash on me.

the whole gang came too! Speck went to agility class that aunties Barb (my buddy roo's mom) and Kathy (my sister flirt's mom) teach. Mommy said that Speck did good in class, and Dad even took some pictures and video.

doing some unsolicited short jumps for auntie barb.

tunnel! the ham is starin right at the camera!

speck's first time thru the tunnel fully extended!


Meanwhile, I was up in the yard playing ball. The farm always has big old broken jolly balls that are very fun to play with. I took this one from Tristan!

and sayz, "daddy kikkit!"

but i get bored with jollyballs after a while and really need some good fizbee time. daddy didn't bring a fizbee (!) for me, so i took matters into my own pawz. i remembered that last time i was here at the farm, disney the golden took my spare yellow fizbee and lost it in the snow. so i recruited Samwise the ZenMasta™ to do some telepathic majiks and locate the lost yellow fizbee.

.o0("ohhmmmm.... ohhhhmmmmmmm...")

but then Samwise says "I thinkz i feel the fizbee over that way!"

WOOT! I FINDED IT! Thanks Sam!


when we were at the farm, we got a big new bag of toys. I don't really like toys unless they're fizbees (though sometimes i'll get zoomies and play with a little squeaky toy or something... i'm glad that no video evidence of this exists)...

Pippin got a big giant yellow Cuz. It squeaks funny. But Pip is deaf so it's not like he can hear it squeaking, but he sure thinks the vibrations are fun!


  1. Be careful Dune, Samwise is starting to steal the show......

  2. Ohh, good job SmartSam! I decided the FIZ is boring and I don't play with it anymore unless there's no choice. Caper plays with it, though. I like my JOLLYBALL and my CLUTCHBALL better!! I wish I got to go to the farm today but my mom had to work!

  3. Pip looks like he's got it all figured out. :)

    We once had a deaf dog. They are amazing.

  4. my brudder pip is pretty smart for a non-border collie. he likes to come and open our crates to set us free. and he has laser vision or laser nose or something, because he knows whenever anybody has (or once had) treats in their pocketses... then he goes and sits right next to them with his big blue purdy eyes. daddy says he's "too clever for his own good"