Monday, February 16, 2009

Ice Ice Fizbee

so dis is what happens when you haz many feets of snow all winter and trample it down with fizbee jumps...

it turns into an icy yard!

The yard's been a slippy slidey course for over a week, and it doesn't make for very comfortable fizbeeing.


if daddy gets the throw right, i will still jump a little bit, but i usually end up sliding until i can get my grip!

but i am still always ready to go, even if it's only half speed...

and i sure can look cute, right?


Speck had a big weekend! We went out to The Farm on Saturday night and stayed over. Auntie Kathy wasn't there, though. She took sister Flirt and uncle Bodie to an agility trial. Sunday there was a big Valentine's Meet & Greet for NEBCR! They had all the foster dogs and potential adopters all in the agility building at the farm. Daddy had me wait outside in the car... i was very mad! but then after the event we all went out into the yard and i gots lots of jollyballz time with the whole crew there.

Anyway, Speck met a potential adopter who is used to dogs like him (meaning just a little bit tweaked...) and his dogs. They all got along and daddy said they'll hopefully move on to the next step.

So when we got home, Speck was all excited and decided to do lots of jumpz for teh camera!


  1. I loved the shots! Especially the last one. Ow..I bet that hurt when he landed! LOL

  2. Hey Dune! I was there too - oh you know that 'cause you saw me and our sister Bz! Chip met that same family as Speck and he met Speck too and I hope they both get adopted and leave us alone!

  3. Dan - you should enter this in the Animal Photo Contest on facebook this week (starting 4/20) ... theme "Pets with their favorite toy". Regardless if this is hs favorite, its an awesome pic!