Friday, February 20, 2009

Name help!

Daddy asked me to write a blog asking for help naming my new foster sister. Her current name is Sadie, and she just had surgery on her badly broken leg. She is a little thing, even smaller than me, but is very pretty if i do say so myself. I told her she can haz the yellow fizbee all for herself when she gets healed up.

The rules for doggie names:

1. must be of irish / gaelic origin
1a. unless you can think of a good Elvish name (tolkien nerds only)
2. must be able to have a single syllable shorthand (like dune - me!)
3. should have some sort of meaning from her story

That's pretty much it. So if you have any suggestions, leave them in comments, and i'll make sure daddy reads them.

.o0("ow.. dees legz brokeded.")


  1. Lynette, Marc and FFB SamFebruary 21, 2009 at 5:19 PM

    Dune, FFB Sam doesn't think he knows Gaelic, but he thinks "Lark" would be a good name for this little bird with a broken wing. He hopes she gets well soon so she can fly for the frisbee the way he does.

  2. Fand - a goddess of healing and pleasure in Ireland and Isle of Man

  3. Great suggestions :) great to have you on board FFBSam!

  4. Oooh...Limerick and Dublin really like Lark. (And Limerick especially thinks that your new foster sister is really cute! I think he has a bit of a crush...)

  5. Sparkle says she likes Lark too, since that was almost her name before she became Sparkly Sparkette. I think little Lark is a cutieeeee.

  6. I just like this name, though I don't know how young she is:
    "Ness"ima (Nehs-see-mah) aka Julianne, Youthful

    Seeing that she is predominantly black, this would also make a nice name, though I prefer Layla over Van (I knew a Van that was a male):
    "Van"moriel (Vahn-more-ee-ell) aka Layla, Dark beauty

    Not sure how she hurt herself, but one of these could be fitting, though not easily said:
    "Mae"tharanel (My-thahr-ah-nell) aka Louisa, Warrior princess OR
    Authiel (Ow-thee-ell) aka Lois, Battle maiden

    Also I looked up Sadie and Sadie is also Sarah, which is Ara"nel".

    Got my husband thinking, he's the Tolkein nerd :) Get back to you later!! Danielle

  7. ness is a great name, but daddy says they had a ness foster dog before i was born. daddy likes Mae too, but mommy doesn't.

    thanks danielle!

    i think lark is still the frontrunner, but keep them coming!!