Saturday, September 5, 2009

Meet Blaze

(blaze likes to talk, so i'm letting him have control of the blog just this once... -dune)

herro. my name is blaze. I'm 1 yearz old and i got rescued by my foster dad a couple weeks ago. when i first met him, i was VERY scared of him. i tried to tell him to go away (repeatedly) and leave me alone but he stayed where he was sitting, didn't look at me and kept tossing stinky treats at me! i was too worked up to eat, but i figured it was a nice gesture.

i rode inside a crate to foster dad's house and when we got there, it was dark and i was very scared still! so i slept in the crate inside the car that night. he left the windows down a little bit so i could smell stuff and hear all the nighttime noises.

in the morning, foster dad came out and opened the crate. i didn't even bark at him this time! he took my leash and let me out to potty and walk around a little bit. i was still kinda scared, so i didn't potty, but i let him walk me around the back of the house (through a big scary fence door!) and into the backyard, which is the biggest yard i've ever been in! i walked around a little bit looking at all the big scary stuff...

"i don't like the look of that scary door!"

I even tried to play a little bit of fetch with foster dad, but i had too many other things to think about. then i went inside and into a nice comfy crate in a room with two other doggies! one of them is a big polkadotted thing who doesn't hear very well (i think, because foster dad always has to poke him, and wave him around to get him to do stuff), and the other is a border collie like me, except red-haired. his name is Dune and i want to be his friend SOOOO bad. he's kinda like a big brother to me, because he isn't scared of anything and i can learn what is dangerous and what isn't just by watching him.

after that first day in the crate with dune and the polkadotted dog, foster dad came home and Dune got *really* excited and told me "woo hoo! it's time to play!!"

so this time, foster dad let me outside and i watched for a minute as Dune went ZOOMING around after a round, flat flying thing (scary!)... but then i remembered that i LOVE to play fetch, and went to go find a ball. Dune and I kept foster dad busy for quite a while taking turns fetching and chasing the ball (and flat-round thing that dune calls "fiz").

I got tired really fast though, because i didn't really get much exercise in my old home. So I took a quick break... but then, i kept getting the sense that Dune was watching me to make sure i was doing things right...
"um... is there somebudy bak there?"

"i'z afraid to look!"

"where'd he go?"

"iz he on dis side?"

"oh man...he's right behind me, isn't he..."

I think this was dune's way of telling me that stopping for breaks is totally NOT a border collie thing, so i just went back to...
--- zooooooomin ---

and --- jjjjjjumpin! ---

In short. So far I like it in my foster home! I've gone on one adventure and got to stay in foster dad's big camper on wheelz! I was with Dune and PolkadottedDog, so i felt safe, and even though i had to meet a couple new people (i am not a fan of strangers!)... i told them to go away, but it only took me a few minutes until i was able to give the ball to a stranger! Foster dad praised me a lot when i did that, so that felt really good!

next time, i'll let Dune type... he's much better than me, and my pozz hurts now!

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