Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Birfday, Adoption, FBSam2??!!?

Dune (fna: Winter Storm) born Nov. 10th, 10:43 pm, male, 268 grams.

Yep, today's my birfday! I'm a whole 3 now, and Daddy says that even though I'm 3, I'm still his baby boy. This morning for my birfday, I got a big breakfast of stinky chicken frames and an extra long fizbee session!

Here's some pictures from when I was just a wee thing. They were taken by my LitterMom Amy. I was born at her house. I feel pretty lucky that I get to see her very often, as well as all my brudders and sisters: Bz, Gael, ArthurGood, Flirt and Tek. Even Flicka, my mom!

(dreaming of water. i LUV water!!)


In other news, Blaze got a doptid last week! He was one of my favorite foster brudders. I had lots of fun playing bitey-face and wrestlin with him while he was here. I normally don't play with my foster brudders and sisters, because they need me to teach them the rules. (rule #1: stay away from my fizbee. rule #2: stay away from me when i'm playin fizbee. rule #3: do not talk about fight club.)

Blaze went to go live with a very nice family down in CT someplace. They have sent daddy updates already and it sounds like Blaze is very happy and being spoiled like he deserves.


So on Sunday I was chilling in my crate (daddy went to go watch football) and the lady who adopted my old foster sister Breck (who is now Missy) comes in to say hello! I wasn't expecting her so it was a good surprise... maybe she came because it's my birfday? Anyway, she brought a new dog to the house, and put him in a crate in the room next to the room that Pip and I share. His name is FosterBrudderSam2. I've already had a FBSam, and this is at least the 3rd Sam dog i know, so i callz him FBSam2. He doesn't know the rules yet. Daddy had been bringing him outside alone until this morning when i met him. He is 2 years older than me, but he's really fat and slow... so daddy is working on getting him in shape.

FBSam2 doesn't really like that i run 'round so fast, and he didn't like the way Pip introduced himself. Pip is deaf and doesn't really know how to meet dogs very well... he just stands right next to them and stares his big blue eyes at them... if a dog did that to me, i'd show him my toofs too! But daddy seemed to think he was ok, and after a few minutes, he was playing ball while i was playing fizbee.

Daddy told me today that for my birfday he's gonna try to bring me to see sheepz this weekend! i'll try to remind him to bring the camera!

til next time...

-dune, the birfdayboy


  1. Glad you had a good birthday, Dunester!!!

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