Thursday, September 3, 2009

New foster brudder!

it's been a while!

i know i promised to write about Dog Dayz and other stuffs that's
been going on but it's summer and i'm very busy runnin' round with
daddy and pip and stuff that i haven't made daddy take any pictars
so i can write to my fanz.

here's the rundown from the summer:
• i went to stay at auntie nicole and uncle eric's house over the 4th
of july weekend. so i got to play with my buddy Mirk and guess
who else showed up? my sister Blizzard and Brady and FormerFosterSister
Lyn with auntie Monique and uncle Brian! Pip wanted to stay and
live with nicole&eric.

• daddy got me a camper!

• we took the camper to dog dayz and then back to the farm a couple
weeks later to play.

• i like the camper! pip LOVES the camper and even prefers to stay in there
over going out to play at the farm. weirdo!

• auntie nicole is my dog sitter and she comes over every day to play
with me and pip. sometimes uncle eric comes, but i don't like to play
with him as much.

so that was my summer!


last night, daddy came home from work and had a foster brudder
with him! his name is Blaze (for now) and he is a very scaredy dog.

I didn't meet him yet, but i was very upset this morning when daddy
brought HIM outside to play before I got to go outside to play fizbee!
I yelled at daddy from my crate to let him know i wasn't vary happy
with this predicament!

daddy told me i'm going to have to be a good boy and teach Blaze
that the world isn't so scary. i think i can do that!

i'll make sure daddy takes some pictures of me teaching Blaze 'bout
stuff soon. 'til then!

oh, hai! i'z blaze

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