Friday, March 27, 2009

Road Trip!

i haz a bone to pick with daddy.

whenever daddy asks me "wanna go for a ride?", it usually means i get to go herd sheeps with carol or go to the Farm or something fun. sometimes it means i need to go meet a new dog at somebody's house to see if that dog can be a foster brudder or sister or cuzzin.

just a couple days ago, daddy asked me "wanna go for a ride?" and it meant we got to go see my real sister Bz!!! we romped around her back yard for a while as daddy was talking to auntie Monique and uncle Brian, and got to say hello to Lyn my Former Foster Sister with the broked leg. so that wasn't so bad.

dis Bz and uncle brian. haz she no shame? i'd *never* let daddy hold me like that. (yah, right. -ed.)

but then yesterday, daddy seemed all excited and then asked me if i wanted to go for a ride, so i figured it was something extra fun! he loaded pip and i into the car and off we went.

... and went.

... and went.

... and went.

we stopped someplace for a potty break after a couple hours and we were way up in the mountains. the air smelled very clean and it was very chilly. daddy said we were in vermont, but still had a way to go.

after another hour or so, he pointed out a camel! (actually, dune, that was Camel's Hump mountain. -ed.)

Then we finally got to where we were going. Burlington VT. all i know is that it smelled like dirt, patchoulli and body odor to me and pip (ok, sorry couldn't resist a hippie joke. -ed).

daddy found a dog park as soon as we got into town, so that we could potty and i could play a game of fetch. this park was right on a big lake and i'm pretty sure i saw a giant prehistoric monster pop out of the water for a second out of the corner of my eye. but i had more important things to think about.

a big fat yellow lab named Hamilton came over and stoled my ball at one point, but i herded him into a stop (this actually happened! -ed.) and he dropped it for me. daddy said his camera doesn't take wide angle shots so he couldn't get a pic of Hamilton. Hamilton's owner was a nice lady who knowed that i was a border collie and was asking daddy if i was a real workin' dog. daddy said i was getting there!

after i got good and tired out at the park (i wasn't allowed to swim in the big lake) we went to hang out in the car for a couple hours. Daddy went to go watch a concert by some guy named tweety. (Jeff Tweedy, of Wilco actually... -ed.)

when daddy got back, he said we were gonna go to auntie melissa's house, which is in the bottom of vermont. but when i woked up a few hours later, we were home! it was really late at night but daddy still played fizbee with me for a while before we went to bed.

all in all, it wasn't such a bad trip, even if i didn't get to herd sheepz or go to the farm.



  1. What an adventure Dune! Did you get some cookies too? luv, Murph

  2. Heya brother Dune!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna go thru Burlington again tomorrow, but last time I went my mom never took me to no dog park!!!!!!!! She says it's cuz I'm not a dog park dog anyway. No fair!! Well, glad you had fun! And good going with that LAB! WOL!!!!