Sunday, March 8, 2009

mud season math!

Here's a math prollem for you:

PLUS (+)


(hint.. the answer is PUDDALZ!)

the predator. (lying in a puddalz! hah!)

the prey. the ever elusive 'bloo fiz' (Frisbicus ezgliderus)

dis must be why they call us border collies stock dogs. this is me stocking my prey.

the approach!

!! (look at that tiny yellow dog in the foreground! hahaha!)




gotcha fizbee!

all that runnin and slidin in the mud gives my mouth that crunchy feelin.


  1. Dune baby, Drop the temperature to about 30 degrees and with the sun out you will still get puddles but the mud will freeze on your fur. Then when you come into the house you will thaw and the mud will drip all over the place and your mom will go: SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH!

  2. Dune baby, I forget the mention (concerning that gritty mouth). My vet said that my teeth were wearing and it probably was from attacking muddy fizbees. Hope that doesn't happen to you, but I'm already almost 7 years old so I have been at it longer. Love Robin

  3. hi robin, my front toofs are already pretty worn down too, because i used to play with tennis balls as a pup. i can't do that anymore. daddy is good about washing off my blue fizbee so it's not too gritty, and i wash my mouth out with water when i'm done playing. i don't want another root canal!

  4. Hey brother Dune! I've got a blue FIZ too! But mostly I play with a purpl one, or the jolly ball or the purple clutch ball! We gots lots of that mud stuff here too!! Crazy!

  5. Love the mud pics ... I wish I took some, but I was usually too busy getting overed in mud myself :) Shamie would be covered, from nose to tail tip, not to mention chuncks in his mouth if he missed a catch and dove into the dirt instead. After losing Murphy so young and knowing that I denied him a lot frisbee time in the Fall/Spring to avoid cleaning, I promised Shamie that he could get as dirty as he liked. We never played before I went work (too much of a time crunch), but when we'd get home it was all about the fun & MUD!!!