Sunday, May 3, 2009

delays, auntie-doptions, udder red dogs, farm!

daddy is calling me a "slacker". he sez that i don't blog enough and to that i sayz i'm too busy herding and fetching stuffs to keep up with it all!

so i figured i should probably catch you up with all the stuff i've been up to... last time i wrote, auntie meg just came back. i spent the last month going over potential homes for auntie meg with daddy. i wasn't about to let her get a doptid by some people that don't like to throw balls!

so yesterday, auntie meg got a doptid by a very nice family only 2 whole towns away from home. she's practically a neighbor! the family has two little kids who she will train to throw tennis balls and to do her bidding. daddy says she's going to be very happy there, and she doesn't have to deal with any other dogs, just her people, so that sounds great. I'll miss you auntie Meg.

speaking of other dogs, a few days ago, daddy came home with, get this... another. red. border. collie. his name is Casey Red Dog and he's a nice enough chap. here he is.

he's kind of a big lunkhead, but he listens to me and listens to daddy. also, he likes to smoosh his fetched toy right into the lap of whoever throwed it for him, therefore making their pants dirty, so he's got that going for him. (getting people dirty is a fun habit of minez!)

daddy says casey red dog is going to live with auntie suzanne, which is just as well, because i'm enough red border collie for this house, thankz you very much!


Then today, i got to go TO THE FARM!!!! I guess the weather is getting warm again, so hopefully that means i'll be going out to the farm a lot.

there were a few reasons we went out there. firstly it was because daddy had to pick up a bunch of foodz for me and the pip. also, there was an agility trial and daddy was working the grill. but mostly it was for this:

a bunch of the NEBCR and agility peoples chipped in to get auntie kathy and uncle craig a new golf cart because they are always having people at the farm and it's a really big property and it's no fair for them to have to walk up and down the hill all the time with bad knees and stuff.

(note: thanks for everything Kaig! hopefully this will help minimize the wear and tear. enjoy!!! -d)

til next time!

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